Qimmah Russo Transforms From Workout Attire To A Racy Jumpsuit With Plunging Neckline In Instagram Video

Qimmah Russo posted a transformation video to popular social media site Instagram on Sunday, April 26. The video showed her change from workout attire to an everyday outfit that flattered her gym-honed figure.

In the beginning of the clip, Qimmah appeared in a pink sports bra that showcased her cleavage and had a logo written in yellow across the chest. The top left her sculpted arms and shoulders exposed. Qimmah wore a pair of white leggings with geometric designs on her lower half. The leggings rose to just below her navel, giving viewers an eyeful of her glitzy piercing and chiseled abdomen. The fitness model wore her dark tresses slicked back away from her face. She added a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss to complete the look.

In the second half of the video, the fitness trainer was filmed in her transformation outfit, which consisted of a tan jumpsuit and blue jean jacket. The jumpsuit featured an incredibly low neckline that teased Qimmah's cleavage and the top of her midsection. A tie around her waist separated the bodice from the bottom half of the outfit. The jumpsuit's tight-fitting material clung to Qimmah's curvy backside and thighs while the jean jacket hung from her shoulders.

Qimmah's long locks were left loose and wavy down her back and shoulders, and her face was made up with thick black lashes, foundation, and pink-painted lips. She accessorized with small stud earrings and showed off her pink manicured nails.

The video started with Qimmah catching a pink water bottle and pretending to take a drink from it. She then turned around, giving her followers a quick glimpse of her entire figure before approaching the camera and holding the bottle up to the lens to obscure the view. The frame cut to the model in her jumpsuit as she sent a few sultry looks toward the camera and twirled around to show off her entire outfit. The video ended with Qimmah tossing the water bottle off screen before looping back around to the beginning of the clip.

In the caption of the post, Qimmah instructed her 1.5 million followers to watch her transform and then add her on TikTok. The video earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first several hours of appearing of the photo-sharing site. Most of the comments contained compliments for Qimmah's figure and outfits.

"You are perfect," one Instagram user commented.

"Beautiful in both," another adoring fan chimed in.