Witney Carson Stuns In Sunglasses & Windblown Hair For Date Night

Witney Carson stunned in sunglasses and windblown hair for date night in Utah alongside her husband Carson McAllister. The couple kept their romance alive by finding a way to eat out while keeping social distancing laws intact at a local eatery, which found a creative way to feed their customers.

The Sundance Car Cafe is a restaurant at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah where after making reservations, a reserved parking spot is made in the person's name. A waitress in a mask and protective gloves brings the car a menu and food is ordered. The tasty treats are then delivered to the car where they can be eaten while observing the picturesque mountain area.

Witney and Carson enjoyed the fresh mountain air and a good meal during their date night. They shared a photo to Instagram of their time out of the home they have been self-isolating in since leaving Los Angeles and returning to their home state at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dancing with the Stars beauty appeared happy and content in the selfie pic she shared with Instagram of the couple taken in the parking lot of the eatery.

Witney's blond hair was windblown in the image. Casually styled to one side, the Season 19 Dancing with the Stars mirrorball winner was stunning as she hugged her handsome husband tightly. Wearing oversized sunglasses that had a thin, gold frame and golden-colored lenses, Witney smiled brightly for her followers. She appeared to have on a tan jacket as a barrier against the chill in the area.

Her makeup appeared to be applied with a light hand. She wore black eyeliner and mascara as seen through her eyeglass lenses and a light brown, natural-looking lipstick.

Carson also seemed happy to have some snuggle time with his wife in the great outdoors. He wore a black T-shirt and neatly coiffed hair in the pic. While it is uncertain if his beard and mustache are a result of quarantining, the facial hair suits his handsome face.

Behind the couple is the beautiful Mount Timpanogos, which forms a backdrop for the town that hosts year-round outdoor activities and the Sundance Film Festival, which is held every January in nearby Park City, Utah.

Instagram users thought the photo was stunning and shared their comments with the professional dancer.

"Love this photo of the both of you," said one follower.

"Beautiful picture and couple," remarked a second fan.

"You guys look so happy," stated a third Instagram user.

"Looks like a lovely evening!" commented a fourth fan.