Sofia Vergara And Her Look-Alike Niece Stun In Black Bikinis With Cheeky Backs

Some of Sofia Vergara's fans likely thought that they were seeing double after feasting their eyes on the actress' latest bikini photo.

On Sunday, the 47-year-old Modern Family star took to Instagram to share the smoking-hot snapshot with her 18.7 million followers. It showed Sofia and her 27-year-old niece, Claudia Vergara, from the back. While Sofia might be two decades older than Claudia, it was almost impossible to tell the two women apart.

Sofia and her look-alike niece were both dressed in solid black bikinis. The revealing two-pieces had cheeky, scrunch-butt backs that perfectly showcased their curvy derrieres. There were only two subtle differences between their bikini bottoms: Sofia's were slightly smaller, and Claudia's had ruffled edges.

All that could be seen of the women's tops were their back ties. Sofia's were thicker, while Claudia's were thin strings.

The two weren't just rocking similar bikinis; their hair was also almost identical. The women were both wearing their long locks pushed back behind their shoulders. Their thick tresses were a similar length, and they had honey-colored highlights. The two women were posing outside, and the sunlight was really bringing out the matching golden tones in their hair.

Sofia and Claudia were even posing the same way. They were both standing on their tiptoes to elongate their slender legs.

Sofia's photo was taken at her mansion, where Claudia has been staying amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The voluptuous women were flaunting their hourglass figures as they looked out over a railing outside Sofia's house. They had a gorgeous view of a wooded area full of tall trees and other lush greenery. There was also a small tree on the terrace beside them. It was planted in a large white vase decorated with three-dimensional lemons.

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The caption of Sofia's post was in Spanish. Per Google Translate, she joked that she's the old model, and she shared the year of her birth: 1972. She wrote that Claudia, who was born in 1992, is the new model.

Sofia's twinning snapshot proved to be a big hit with her fans. Over the span of an hour, it racked up more than 346,000 likes. However, it had quite a few of Sofia's followers scratching their heads. Many of them simply couldn't tell the America's Got Talent judge and her niece apart.

"Soooo...which is which? Nobody can tell," read one response to her post.

"Am I the only one who doesn't know which is which?" another fan asked.

"Like who is who?" a third commenter wrote.

Sofia seemingly revealed the answer to this question in the caption of her post by matching the order of the birth dates with the position of the two women in the picture. Therefore, Sofia is on the left, and Claudia is on the right.

This isn't the only time a photo of Claudia has confused Sofia's fans. On Saturday, Sofia uploaded a photo of her niece rocking a blue bikini. Because she was pictured from the back, some fans mistook her for Sofia.