Hospital Staff Celebrates After New Orleans Nurse Recovers From Long And Brutal COVID-19 Battle

A 54-year-old New Orleans nurse named Bridgette Robinson recovered this week after a long and brutal battle against the coronavirus. Dozens of medical workers at Ochsner Health Hospital filled the halls to celebrate Robinson for beating COVID-19 after a long and scary month, according to WDSU News.

Robinson is a Certified Nursing Assistant who was treating patients before she began exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 on March 15. Her condition declined rapidly and she soon wound up intubated and in the ICU. Her health status was very bleak and it appeared unlikely that she would survive.

Robinson's daughter, Sylvia Johnson, is a nurse at the hospital where she was being treated. Johnson recalled the dark days in which her mother's condition deteriorated.

"Within the first week of her ICU treatment, it didn't look very favorable for her to recover. Her kidneys were failing. She had to begin dialysis," she said.

Because Robinson was young and otherwise healthy, Johnson had never imagined she would be in a situation in which she would have to make very important decisions regarding her mother's care.

"It was very difficult, especially so young. You haven't made those life plans like power of just don't think about those decisions. Even if your parents are young, I advocate that you get those things taken care of, because you never know," she said.

Johnson had to continue working and helping her own patients. All she could do was remain hopeful and desperately pray for her mother's recovery. She recalled the many people who joined in praying for her mother to survive, including family, friends, and her co-workers.

Eventually, Robinson showed signs of recovery. Johnson now believes it is because of faith, along with the tireless work of medical professionals, that her mother is still with her today.

"Our faith and these lovely doctors and nurses who vied for her is why she's here and why she's kicking today," she said.

Robinson still has some recovering to do before she reaches full health, but she has finally been able to leave the hospital. As she exited Ochsner Health on April 21 the staff gathered to clap for her.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the state of Louisiana has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus. Not only is there a shortage of supplies and medical staff, but there have been issues in properly dealing with the surge of dead bodies. Those that have lost loved ones are not even able to properly grieve them because of restrictions put into place to prevent the spread of the virus.