Pregnant ER Worker Defends Her Decision To Work During The Pandemic

Taylor Poynter is a 27-year-old emergency room worker from Joliet, Illinois. Despite the fact that she is very pregnant with her first child, she has made the decision to continue working and caring for others in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. She is speaking up about what life on the frontlines is really like and is defending her decision to continue working, according to Today.

Working in the medical field during the time of a global, unprecedented health crisis is already stressful. However, Poynter faces a lot of added stress due to her pregnancy and her desire to protect both herself and her unborn child. Nevertheless, even with her condition, she wanted to continue and stand by her co-workers and help out as much as possible, she explained.

"I have had to force myself to step back from seeing critically ill patients. But just because I'm pregnant and in the midst of this pandemic does not change my desire to serve my patients and aid my colleagues in the workload."
Poynter is expecting to give birth in June but will continue to work as long as she can safely do so. She has been sharing her unique experience of pregnancy during a pandemic as a physician assistant through posts on Instagram. In several of the photos, she stands in full protective gear, showing her baby bump from under her scrubs.

Poynter has decided to share these powerful personal photos in hopes of spreading a very important message to the rest of the nation. She hopes that others, who are non-essential workers, will see the sacrifice she and so many others are making and understand just how important it is to stay home.

"I wish every single person could see the pregnant women working in the hospitals right now, being in close contact with COVID patients. People forget that by not following the suggestion to stay at home, they are putting others at risk, including us pregnant moms that are still working."
Poynter's biggest fear is that she will test positive for the coronavirus prior to going into labor. If this is the case, she will have to be separated from her newborn after giving birth.

"This would be so devastating to me," she said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, healthcare workers around the nation are risking everything while fighting this virus. Many doctors and nurses are even having to treat patients without proper protective gear due to shortages at hospitals.