Fallon Signs ‘Tonight Show’ Deal [Report]

Jimmy Fallon will be the next host of The Tonight Show. It’s not clear when Jay Leno will be stepping away from the late show gig but Fallon has reportedly signed a deal to host The Tonight Show.

Fallon recently signed a contract extension with NBC. The new contract reportedly includes The Tonight Showbut it’s not clear when that will happen. Leno’s current contract ends in 2014 while Fallon’s contract ends the following year.

NBC hasn’t officially announced that Fallon will be the next host of The Tonight Show but the NY Times and the Hollywood Reporter both cite inside sources saying that Fallon has closed a deal to take over for Jay.

The details of the contract may not be known but many are speculating that Fallon will take over the late night program in February 2014 when NBC is covering the Winter Olympics. If that’s true, the network will have to pay Jay Leno a lot of money to buy him out of his contract. NBC may decide to hold off until September when Leno’s contract expires to bring Fallon to The Tonight Show.

When Fallon does move down to 11:35 the network will have to find someone to fill his spate on Late Night. The most obvious choice would be Seth Meyers. Meyers took over for Fallon on Weekend Update on SNL and Lorne Michaels, who produces both shows, is a big fan of the comedian.

A source said: “It will be Seth unless something goes awry (in the deal making).”

Fallon’s may have closed a Tonight Show deal but until the news is made official by NBC we can probably expect a few more duets like this one.