Social Experiment Based On Appearances Shows People Walking By Man Crying For Help On A Busy Street, You Won't Believe Why [VIDEO]

There are those good samaritan headlines and videos that always seem to make you smile, but every once in a while, we come across those that just break your heart. Such is the case in this video that shows how people judge largely based on appearances.

This social experiment done by YouTube channel NorniTUBE features two differently dressed men struggling and collapsing in the same exact spot on a busy street. The man wearing the less-expensive clothing is passed by time and time again while he cries for help. Many people look, but no one feels compelled to come to his aid.

The gentleman dressed in the nicer clothes, then repeats the same exact scene, and within seconds, has a crowd of people trying to assist him.

The drastic difference in willingness to help is an eye-opener to just how much we judge based on appearance. Both men were clearly having serious issues, but their appearance dictated the treatment they received. Wow.

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