Isabella Buscemi And Yaslen Clemente Perform Yoga Together In Pastel Bikinis

Yaslen helped Isabella stretch, while Isabella helped her do a handstand.

Isabella Buscemi takes a mirror selfie.
Isabella Buscemi / Instagram

Yaslen helped Isabella stretch, while Isabella helped her do a handstand.

Isabella Buscemi and Yaslen Clemente looked like they were having a blast while stretching together, and they both looked smoking hot in pastel bikinis.

On Sunday, Isabella took to Instagram to treat her 2.1 million followers to a video of her yoga session with her close pal. The two models share a passion for fitness, and they were promoting Bang Energy drink and Meg Liz swimwear.

Isabella was rocking a bubblegum-pink string bikini that featured triangle cups with sheer mesh panels. She was wearing her bathing suit top upside down with the back ties around her neck. This altered the garment’s neckline so that it made a rounded square shape instead of a deep V. It also exposed a generous amount of underboob.

Isabella’s matching bottoms featured a strappy design that left little to the imagination. The garment had a high cut that highlighted her long, toned legs.

Yaslen’s bikini was mint green. It had thick shoulder straps and a rectangular cutout in the center of the bust that put her perky cleavage on full display. Her matching bottoms also featured high-cut leg openings and a thong back. However, the video only showed brief flashes of her pert posterior.

Yaslen and Isabella were both flaunting their hourglass curves, including their tiny waists, voluptuous chests, and shapely hips. However, they weren’t just curvy; they were also strong and fit.

At the beginning of the video, Yaslen dramatically unfurled a yoga mat. After Isabella showed off her feisty and flirty side by making a cat claw gesture at the camera and sharing a laugh with Yaslen, the women got to work.

First, they warmed up with some light stretching. They loosened their hips by swaying them from side-to-side with their legs spread wide. They slowly ran their hands down over their legs, then they squatted down and twisted from side-to-side.

Yaslen helped Isabella stretch by holding one of her legs up in the air while she was seated on the ground. The two women then performed their “yoga with a twist.”

Yaslen sat on Isabella’s back while she was on all fours, and Isabella helped her pal hold a forearm handstand pose by grasping one of her legs while she was upside down. Yaslen had her back arched and her other knee bent.

Isabella’s Instagram followers loved seeing her and Yaslen stretching together.

“What yoga studio is this. Signing up,” one fan quipped in the comments section of Isabella’s post.

“This must be what heaven is like,” another fan wrote.

“You girls are really beyond stunning and so perfect! You make magic together,” a third admirer gushed.

This isn’t the only time Isabella and Yaslen have teamed up for one of their Bang Energy promos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, they recently wore tiny bikinis in a video that they shot at a deserted pool.