Woman Whose Family Was Told She Died Of COVID-19 Found Alive

Due to a hospital mixup, Alba Maruri's family thought she was dead.

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Due to a hospital mixup, Alba Maruri's family thought she was dead.

Alba Maruri is a 74-year-old woman from Ecuador who was thought to have been dead from the coronavirus. Due to a hospital mix-up, doctors told the woman’s family on March 27 that she had passed away. Nevertheless, she was later discovered to be alive after all, according to Fox News.

Last month, Maruri was admitted to a hospital in Guayaquil while exhibiting all the main symptoms of COVID-19, including shortness of breath and a high fever. After the family was informed of the heartbreaking news that their loved one had died, they were permitted a visit to the hospital morgue. They were even shown a body that they had been told was Maruri. However, as a safety precaution to prevent the spread of the virus, the family was not able to get close enough to recognize that the body was that of a stranger.

“I was afraid to see her face. I was a meter and a half away. She had the same hair, the same skin tone,” the woman’s nephew Jaime Morla said, according to The New York Post.

The family had who they believed to be Maruri cremated and later received her remains. The mourning family received the shock of their lives this past week when medical workers arrived on their front door, as the woman’s sister Auri recalled.

“An ambulance arrived with a doctor, a psychiatrist and the social worker. They apologized, and they tell us, ‘Your sister is alive,’ and we were in shock. It is a miracle of God what has happened.”

As it turned out, the entire time Maruri was believed to be dead, she was really in a coma. She woke up from her coma after three weeks this past Thursday. Upon waking up, the woman asked for her sister to retrieve her from the hospital, and doctors realized the horrible mistake that had been made.

While the family is overjoyed that their loved one is alive, they want to know whose ashes they received. They also expect to be paid back for the expense of the cremation of the stranger as well as compensation for having to go through this horrific ordeal. Due to strict restrictions in Ecuador due to COVID-19, the family had to wait several days until they could see Maruri. They were finally reunited with her on Saturday.

Guayaquil remains the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ecuador.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, medical professionals around the world are still working desperately to develop a vaccine for this virus.