Amanda Cerny Sizzles In Risque Nude Outdoor Shower Snap

Amanda Cerny attends White Fox Boutique Swimwear Launch Of 100% Salty
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Amanda Cerny is urging her followers to make an effort to conserve water, and she is sharing her steamy strategy for how she does this herself. A new Instagram shot posted late Saturday night shows her posing in an outdoor shower with her boyfriend Johannes Bartl. There is no question that this one is a jaw-dropper.

The photo featured Amanda nude in a tight embrace with Johannes. He was also nude, and the two had their arms tightly wrapped around one another.

Johannes and Amanda were positioned quite carefully here to give viewers a rather intimate look at their dynamic without revealing anything outright.

Amanda was on her tiptoes and was leaning forward slightly with her body pressed fully into his. They were photographed from the side, their faces obscured with her head turned toward his.

Viewers got a good glimpse at both Johannes and Amanda’s insanely fit physiques with this creative pic. A thin tan line could be seen on Amanda’s hip where her bikini bottoms would usually rest. In addition, there was a bit of sideboob visible along with the curves of her pert derriere and long, athletic legs.

The reaction to this risque shot was immediate and intense. In just 10 hours, more than 1.8 million of Amanda’s followers liked the sultry snap. The post also prompted more than 17,000 comments.

“That’s the most beautiful picture that I’ve ever seen,” remarked one of Amanda’s fans.

“Looks like the meeting of Greek gods,” declared an impressed follower.

“Damn that caught my eyes really quick that’s love at it’s finest,” praised someone else.

“This is wholesome it shows the trust between two lovers and to be comfortable in your skin. Sorry I’m a nerd,” wrote another fan.

The upload caught the attention of many everyday fans of Amanda’s, but it garnered praise from other social media celebrities, too. For example, Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin made sure to like the post. And Lewis Howes, the beau of the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” Yanet Garcia, posted a comment showing how impressed he was by this one.

Longtime followers know that Amanda has developed a unique balance of sharing comedic photos and videos along with sexy snaps like this one. She regularly draws hundreds of thousands of likes for even the most basic of photos and easily brings in more than a million views on her videos. However, it looks like this nude shower shot is blowing the rest of her recent snaps out of the water in terms of engaging her fans and raising temperatures.