Halsey Flaunts Her Abs In A ‘Sailor Moon’ Costume With A Twist

Halsey added a wig to her revealing ensemble.

Halsey attends the MTV EMAs 2019
Kate Green / Getty Images for MTV

Halsey added a wig to her revealing ensemble.

Halsey rocked a costume based on a popular anime character, but the “Colors” songstress decided to give Usagi Tsukino, the blond protagonist of the Sailor Moon series, a colorful makeover.

On Saturday, Halsey took to Instagram to show off her latest cosplay creation. The 25-year-old musician was wearing a white crop top that hit her right underneath the bust. The garment’s short sleeves were loose, but the front clung to her curvy chest. A bright red ribbon was hanging around her neck. It was knotted in the front, much like the neckerchief of a vintage naval uniform — or the sailor suit uniforms worn by Japanese schoolgirls like Usagi.

Hasley was also rocking a dark blue pleated skirt with two white stripes around the bottom. The short garment had a high waist that hit the singer at the smallest part of her slender midsection. She completed her outfit with a pair of white thigh-high stockings.

Instead of rocking a long blond wig to make her more closely resemble Sailor Moon, Halsey wore a vibrant red-orange wig that almost matched the color of her sailor scarf. Her fake hair had a slight wave, and she was wearing it pushed in front of her right shoulder. The ends were the exact same length as the tips of her neckerchief.

Halsey’s beauty look included bright red lipstick, mascara, dark winged eyeliner, and coppery contour on her cheeks. She was sitting on a bench with her arms resting on the bar behind her. The camera was positioned beside her, and she was looking down at it with an intense expression on her face. The side view showed just how tiny her waist is and how flat her abs are.

The singer used a heart filter to give her photo a cutesy cartoon vibe, and she included a lyric from her song “Alanis’ Interlude” in the caption of her post.

As of this writing, Halsey’s photo has received over 2.1 million likes and 19,000 comments. One of the most popular responses came from her close friend and “Strangers” collaborator, Lauren Jauregui.

“Anime Ash is a vibe,” Lauren wrote.

Lauren’s comment had many fans begging for the two singers to record another song together, while others suggested that Halsey should star in her own anime.

“Anime Ashley please make it a series please I’ll give everything pls,” read one response to her post.

“You are living your best life in quarantine,” another fan wrote.

“Wtf how are you so pretty,” a third admirer remarked.

Halsey’s cosplay looks are proving to be extremely popular with her fans. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, they responded just as enthusiastically when the singer dressed up in a similar sailor costume last week. It was mostly pink, and Halsey was also rocking a pink wig.