'Jersey Shore's' Pauly D Shocks Fans With His 'Quarantine Beard,' Many Say He Looks Unrecognizable

Jersey Shore star Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio debuted a new look on his Twitter account Friday night, one that had many of his fans calling him "unrecognizable," reports Page Six.

In the pic, he sported what he dubbed a "Quarantine Beard." He rocked a stylish new beard and a mustache, and styled his hair into his signature look with lots of hair gel. He appeared to take the photo from his home, as some of his DJ equipment was visible behind him.

Not long after the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star shared the new picture, his name started trending worldwide. Thousands of fans poured into his comments section or logged onto their accounts to quote-tweet his photo and remark that it looked nothing like what they were used to seeing from the reality star.

Dozens of people suspected that he might have even used the popular Facetune app to edit or modify his facial features, which could have resulted in a drastically different appearance.

A fan joked that the 39-year-old looked like his co-star, Ronnie Magro, more than he looked like himself.

"Idk who this is but this is not Pauly D," said one person.

"This could be Pauly A, B, or C. But it is absolutely not Pauly D," contributed a second user.

"Pauly D looking like the generic create-a-wrestler on WWE video games," joked a third contributor.

Even though Twitter users had a lot of jokes to make about Pauly's appearance, some people thought the new look suited him.

"Pauly D got fine af and Im not about to be shamed out of admitting that," wrote a fourth fan.

Before the photo went viral, Pauly actually shared a video filmed around the same time in which his beard could be seen in movement. He was wearing the same outfit and filming in the same location. In the clip -- which was shared a little over an hour before the pic -- he encouraged his fans to join him for his Instagram live session set for later that night.

The video didn't gain as much attention as the photograph, but several people in the comments section remarked that he looked different with a beard. Some folks thought it made him look much younger.

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that Pauly and his longtime friend and co-star, Vinny Guadagnino, would team up once again for a new prank show on MTV.

The series will be titled Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, and will see the two reality stars help someone who was the victim of a viral prank get revenge on the person who pranked them.