Mother Tapes Sign On Daughter's Back To Keep People From Judging Her For Shopping During The Pandemic

A single mother from Texas named MaryAnn Resendez has gone viral for taping a sign to her daughter's back while shopping. Resendez wanted people to understand that she had no choice but to bring the little girl to the grocery store in light of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Today.

Resendez, a tattoo shop owner who is trying her best to maintain social distancing, had to go to the store to pick up some necessities but did not have anyone to watch her daughter, BellaRose. She knew that taking a child to the grocery store during a time like this would probably earn her some judgmental glares from strangers who did not know about her situation. Thus she took a sharpie and wrote the note in big bold letters, warning people to keep their opinions to themselves. She and her daughter both wore masks while going to the grocery store.

"I am only 5, I can't stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with Mommy… Before you start judging, stay back 6' feet," the note reads.

Luckily, Resendez's tactic worked and no one bothered her. She took a photo of the note which she later posted on Facebook, and the image was shared more than 43,000 times. Many people could relate to the single mother's struggle and even told her they were thinking about trying out this tactic themselves.

"I didn't want to deal with the comments and the looks. I'm already under so much stress right now. I wanted to avoid judgment," she told Today regarding her decision to make the sign.

She went on to say that she is really happy about the fact that because she shared this idea, she helped others in the process.

"I'm overwhelmed by the response. It's a lot of, 'I'm in the same boat as you. I understand,'" she said.

Resendez has been reading the flood of positive responses she has received and has heard from many people who have had to deal with the judgement of strangers in similar ways.

"I had to take my son with me once. And I was harassed the entire time. We were in and out, and I was even spat at. I legit had no choice," one woman told her.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there have been some reports that young people are less likely to contract coronavirus. However, the CDC has made it clear that it is essential to take precautions and stay safe, no matter a person's age.