‘Far Cry 3’ Developer Talks Next Generation Consoles

Far Cry 3 technical director Cedric Decelles has gone into detail on next generation consoles.

Cedric Decelles, one of the developers behind Far Cry 3, is excited about the next generation of consoles. After the GDC Awards gave him the award for Best Technology, he made a few observations about the next generation of consoles.

The PlayStation 4 has already been confirmed to be using x86 chip technology, making it simpler to program for. To the lay, x86 technology is actually a low-end technology adapted for computer systems in comparison with x64. Apparently, the most powerful version is harder to program for. Don’t ask why the higher number is less powerful, unless you have a computer guru nearby who can explain it in “simple English.”

Word is still out on the next Xbox, but rumor has it that the next generation Microsoft console will also be using the x86 architecture. Says Far Cry 3 developer Cedric Decelles, “Compared to previous generations, we can get the most out of them really quickly because it’s a known architecture. We don’t have to learn that much to get good use of it. That’s good because we’ll have better games quicker.”

So basically, we shouldn’t see another Duke Nukem Forever unless the developer is just lazy and pandering to the “I wanna play it now” notion that causes most rushed games. Of course, this still may not be enough to deter rush jobs when it comes to licensed games based on movies.

Cedric Decelles says of next generation consoles development in comparison to Sony’s current outing, “We’re starting the master the PS3 just right now. It’s been six or seven years, and I think we’ll be able to master the new consoles, the new hardware, even quicker.”

With next generation technology being easier to program for, and the introduction of the Unreal Engine 4, we should be seeing some impressive games coming to the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4, possibly even a follow-up to Far Cry 3.

What do you think of next generation console development, based on the musings of Far Cry 3 developer Cedric Decelles?