Donald Trump Is A 'Sexual Sadist' Who Enjoys 'Degrading People,' Says Psychologist

Damir Mujezinovic

In a new interview with Salon published on Saturday, psychologist and psychotherapist John Gartner discussed President Donald Trump's alleged mental pathologist and how they are being exacerbated amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Gartner, who contributed to the bestseller The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, claims that the president is a malignant narcissist. "Malignant narcissists are very sick people," he began, explaining that mentally healthy individuals are not even able to comprehend how "sick" malignant narcissists are.

According to Gartner, the public needs to understand that the president is not merely incompetent. Trump is, in fact, "actively engaging in sabotage" amid the COVID-19 pandemic, making it tougher for governors and local governments to do their jobs and protect the citizens from the virus.

The psychologist said that Trump constantly "lies and makes things up" in order to serve the imaginary world he has created in his own mind, a world in which he has total power. He added that Trump is a "sexual sadist" who enjoys harming other people and generating chaos.

"I believe that Donald Trump is also a sexual sadist, who on some basic level enjoys and is aroused by watching people be afraid of him."

Furthermore, Gartner opined, Trump is more than comfortable with poor, marginalized, and non-white people dying from COVID-19 because he views them as inferior.

"Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist with these powerful sadistic tendencies, this omnipotent destructiveness, where he's getting pleasure and a sense of power from dominating people and degrading people," the psychologist added.

Gartner also discussed the 2020 presidential election, when Trump will face off against Joe Biden, the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee. Trump will do all he can to stay in power, the psychologist suggested, predicting that the president will find a way to "cause great harm" if his chances of re-election are seriously jeopardized.

"The democidal maniac Donald Trump will attack us, badly. Make no mistake," Gartner concluded.

Gartner is not the only mental expert questioning the president's mental state. Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee has long argued that Trump is not fit for office. In an interview earlier this month, she said that the coronavirus pandemic is showing that Trump does not have the "mental capacity" to lead the country.