Jessa Duggar Shares Sweet Story Of Spurgeon & His Salt Shaker

Spurgeon Seewald just wants to be a little helper.

Jessa Duggar at Jim Bob and Michelle's home.
Duggar Family / Facebook

Spurgeon Seewald just wants to be a little helper.

Jessa Duggar has plenty of photo opportunities with her three kids, as well as cute stories to tell about them. Her latest one involves her eldest, Spurgeon, who is known for his sweet antics. The Counting On star has been sharing some of his sayings over the past year with her 2.2 million followers. The most recent one has fans melting.

Taking to her Instagram on Saturday, Jessa posted a photo of her 4-year-old son posing for the camera with a sweet smile on his face. He is wearing a red and white striped shirt as he appears to be sitting on the kitchen counter at their home in Arkansas. The most noticeable part about the picture is that Spurgeon is holding tightly onto a salt shaker. It looks like he is either being a big helper in the kitchen or he just loves his sodium. The mom of three explained what occurred as she was making her three kids breakfast on Saturday morning.

Jessa Duggar said in her caption on Instagram that she was in the process of making eggs for breakfast when Spurgeon approached her asking if he could add the salt to them. As most moms of young kids would realize is that it may end up as a disaster if he would get too carried away with the salt shaker. She said that she was afraid of “sodium overload.” So, she told the little guy that she would think about it.

That’s when the Duggar grandson decided to do his best to give his mom a convincing argument on why she should say yes. As seen in the snapshot, the salt shaker that he is holding has an S on the top and he was convinced that it was meant for him to put the salt in since his name starts with the same letter. He apparently ended his argument in a polite way.

“So can I put salt on it, please?” Spurgeon asked.

Although Jessa didn’t say for sure whether she let him do it, it sure sounds like she must have not been able to say no to that. Whenever her eldest son says something funny and sweet, she adds #SayingsofSpurgeon to her posts.

Also noticeable in the Instagram snap is his little sister, Ivy Jane, who appears to have photobombed her big brother. You can see her little head popping up right behind Spurgeon.

Jessa Duggar loves sharing her family on the social media platform. She and husband, Ben Seewald, have been keeping close to home during the coronavirus pandemic, even seemingly not going to church in order to stay safe. However, they did all get dressed up recently for a few Easter photos to remember.