Sommer Ray Sizzles In Lime Green Cut Out Swimsuit In Newest Instagram Photo Series

Sommer Ray treated her fans to new swimsuit photos in the latest post on her Instagram page. In the shared snapshots, the social media superstar showed off her toned and shapely physique in a high-cut lime-green one-piece swimsuit.

The eye-catching design featured a large cutout over her midsection which exposed Sommer's taut abdominal muscles. She paired the swimsuit with a matching visor and socks and wore her curly brown hair in a messy high ponytail. Her only accessories were a gold bracelet on one hand and a similar ring one of her fingers.

In the first photo of the series, Sommer was pictured enjoying a bottle pop and she wrote about her love for the popular '90s candy in her caption. The prop made its way into some of her other photos as well. In one of the shots, the model held it to her mouth while she looked over her shoulder at the camera. The pose showed off the swimsuit's low cut back and Sommer's posterior.

The photo series amassed more than 600,000 likes in less than an hour and more than 3,000 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some of Sommer's fans seemed more intent on discussing her reported breakup with rapper, Machine Gun Kelly.

"Now that MGK is outta the picture I have a chance now right," one Instagram user wrote.

"Hey sommer I know you might be going through a tough time with your breakup happening so just know my dms are open," another added before including a thumbs-up emoji to their comment.

"MGK a damn fool," a third commenter remarked.

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As Pop Crush reports, Machine Gun Kelly announced the split via a couple of tweets posted on April 22, claiming that Sommer came to his residence on his birthday and removed all of her belongings.

Although some Instagram users focused on Sommer's breakup news, there were others who reference the photos she posted in their comments.

"Sommer your the best kind of 90's candy," a fourth Instagram user wrote.

Sommer did not reference her relationship with the "Mind Of A Stoner" rapper in the most recent "quarantine vlog" on her Instagram page. Instead, she focused on working out at her home gym with resistance bands and a Bosu ball. Much like her most recent post, she did talk about her love of candy, specifically bubble gum.

"Guys I'm gonna have a piece of bubble gum because I always do that when I workout," she said, before explaining that it helps her to avoid clenching her teeth while exercising.

"And I just love bubble gum," she added. "Let's be honest."