Clare Crawley Calls Out Potential 'The Bachelorette' Suitors For Joining Cast For 'Wrong Reasons'

Clare Crawley seems to be giving everybody a taste of how she'll handle issues with her suitors when she headlines the next season of The Bachelorette for ABC. Unfortunately, filming for Clare's season has been put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, she's still keeping tabs on what her previously-cast bachelors are up to and she's really to call them out as needed.

On Saturday afternoon, Clare took to Twitter to toss out a warning shot to the guys planning to join her season. This is definitely an unusual situation, as the announcement to delay filming came after the initial slate of men vying for Clare's final rose had already been released.

There has been some talk of trying to bring in some older guys before production does resume. However, many of the guys previously announced will likely be brought back whenever Clare does begin to hand out roses and she now knows exactly who they are.

Clare didn't name anyone from her cast specifically in this tweet. However, at least some people wasted little time in speculating over one possibility.

Matt James was previously announced as a contestant for this upcoming season of The Bachelorette. For many fans of the franchise, he's already a familiar face since he is best friends with last year's runner-up Tyler Cameron.

In recent days, Matt has done some interviews noting that he's still very anxious to have the opportunity to meet Clare. As a thread over on Reddit also just noted, Matt is on Cameo now as well. Some people see this as a sign that he's "thirsty" and just looking for publicity.

It looks like some fans of the show are coming to Matt's defense though.

"I love Clare. However, I stan Matt James. What he has been doing with ABC Food Tours and being TC's friend has already put him in the spotlight BEFORE he was even picked to be on Clare's season. Not sure he needs any other 'reason' besides genuine excitement," tweeted one person.

"If you are talking about Matt James, he cant help he lived w the most popular contestants in BN, and who knows he could be giving in Cameo money to charity. Have some grace. It's a bad time for everyone. Wait til you meet them to judge, like ever other ette has to do," commented someone else.

Matt was already in the spotlight to a degree for his connection to Tyler and his charity, but the announcement he would be on Clare's season has seemingly increased interest in him. Media outlets have apparently been angling to talk to Matt about some of this, and it appears that he works to leverage the opportunity to promote his charity.

"If you watched he was mostly promoting his charity which is giving kids tablets to do their online learning and food right now. Not everyone can just sit around and wait for your season. If his press helps kids then you should support that," chastised another show fan.

There were a number of people who supported Clare's sentiments and had less positive things to say about Matt though too.

At the moment, it's not known when or how production will be able to move ahead on filming her season of The Bachelorette. The network says they'll find a way to make it happen, but it's too soon to know a timeframe for filming and subsequently airing the episodes. Given all of that, it's also not known whether Matt will still be a contestant, or what will transpire with other guys initially cast.

Did Clare jump the gun on calling out guys from her group of bachelors for wanting a spot for the wrong reasons? Was she specifically dogging on Matt, or seeing a trend of some sort that other fans of The Bachelorette haven't noticed yet? If she is talking about Matt and he does appear on her season, fans will be curious to see whether or not she sets this other stuff aside and gives him a shot at impressing her.