BB&T Cell Phone Death Crash Mistrial

The BB&T cell phone wrongful death trial was declared a mistrial on Tuesday, after a jury of twelve agreed that they were deadlocked at seven to five with no chance of reaching a verdict for either side. The complicated case, as reported by local reporter her cell phone from an oncoming train. A microbiologist even helpfully told us recently that, “Cellphones are 10 times as dirty as a toilet seat.”

But it kinda, sorta sounds like Thomas might (or might not) have been yapping on his phone when he ran into Billings…so somehow, some kind of way, the ex-wife wants to sue…wait for it…the company that owns the cell phone.

Baffled, the jury asked Judge Ronald E. Spivey if they could see a transcript of testimony from the driver of the tractor-trailer. Billings had testified that he didn’t see the SUV coming up in his mirrors. The judge said no because the court reporter who took the transcript was out of town.

Later in the afternoon, the jury gave up, and the mistrial was announced. No word yet if the ex-wife or anybody else is planning to refile the cell phone wrongful death case against BB&T.


[photo Chris Potter via Creative Commons]