Connecticut Gun Sales Soar As State Considers Strict Legislation

With lawmakers expected to vote on a package of incredibly tough gun control measures Wednesday, gun stores across the state of Connecticut have seen an “insane” turnout, with many of the retailers picked bare.

After the horrific shooting in Newtown last year, Governor Dannel P. Molloy, a Democrat, is pursuing strict gun control legislation in his state, and has said that he’ll sign what might be “the toughest law passed anywhere in the country” if it survives the legislative process.

Due to the threat of incredibly strict gun control measures, many citizens in Connecticut are purchasing guns and magazines at an alarming rate, with gun stores all over the state completely packed on Tuesday.

One store employee told NBC that his store is selling five times the usual amount of guns and supplies. “When your governor is threatening to take away your guns, what do you think it’s going to happen?” he said.

Bob Montlick, owner of Bob’s Gun Exchange in Darien, told the Connecticut Post that he thinks people will keep buying guns in bulk while they still can. “The only people who are going to comply with any of this are going to be the honest ones,” he argued. “The bad guys are going to get what they get or steal with anything else.”

One potential customer told the AP that he walked into a gun store that was almost empty. “I walked through. I walked out because they didn’t have anything. The girl told me what’s on the shelf is what they have. And I totally believe that,” he said.

Additionally, gun manufacturers in the state of Connecticut are considering closing up shop and going to other states. We reported a few weeks back that Colt is considering setting up operations elsewhere, and AR-15 manufacturer Stag Arms might soon follow.

“I feel like we have one foot being pushed out the door,” Stag owner Mark Malkowski told NBC Connecticut. But redder states are reportedly offering huge incentives to persuade manufacturers to relocate.

They’re really good offers,” Malkowski said. “They are offering tax abatements, they’re offering to build you a factory.”

Connecticut’s proposed gun control measures include the ban of so called “assault weapons” and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

What do you think? Do we need stricter gun control nationwide? Is the upswing in gun sales disturbing? Sound off!