Tyler Perry Is Reportedly Working On A Safe Way To Reopen His Studio By Making Casts And Crews Live There

The producer is trying to get productions underway without jeopardizing anyone's health.

Tyler Perry at the premiere of 'Acrimony' in 2018.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

The producer is trying to get productions underway without jeopardizing anyone's health.

Across Hollywood and around the world, production on movies and TV shows has ground to a halt in response to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s true of ATL Studios, Tyler Perry‘s production studio in Atlanta, as well. Now, a report from TMZ suggests that Perry is looking at ways to reopen the studio without putting the health of anyone working on his productions at risk.

Sources told TMZ that Perry has a plan that he’s currently working to get approved for what reopening the studio would look like. Any production that shoots at his facility would require every member of the cast and crew to check in on the first day of filming. When they check in, they’ll be tested for the virus, and everyone who tests negative will be invited onto the production lot. The cast and crew would have to live on the lot for the duration of the production.

The exact location where they will live hasn’t been specified, but TMZ reports that the studio has plenty of options. The studio used to be an army base, and there are 141 usable barracks that are still a part of the facility. There are also 40 historic houses on the lot that are all inhabitable, as well as roughly 30 houses that Perry built for various productions that are all usable as well.

Casts and crews on these productions would be allowed to use all of the facilities, which include a gym, as well as a bar and restaurants. There’s also a hospital set on the lot that Perry reportedly believes can become semi-functional, and he’s considering bringing a doctor and nurse onto the lot as well.

Even as the plan tackles some of the major concerns around opening studios amidst the pandemic, there are still questions that remain unanswered. It’s unclear how extras and day players would be used in these shows, and it’s not clear what happens if a cast or crew member has an emergency that requires them to leave in the middle of production. Perry is reportedly working to make sure there are no issues with unions but is hoping to proceed with some version of this plan.

TMZ reports that, at least initially, the studio would only reopen for Perry’s productions, which consist of six TV series. Each of the series takes less than three weeks to film a season. After they were done filming, casts and crews would leave, and crews would come back for production on different series. They’d also receive additional compensation for dealing with the cumbersome circumstances.