Demi Lovato Discusses Being ‘Canceled’ By Fans After Her Comments About Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato poses for the camera
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Demi Lovato recently opened up about receiving negative comments after allegedly shading Selena Gomez on Instagram.

The former BFFs sparked headlines earlier this month. While their friendship spans over a decade, the two haven’t been spotted together in recent years. Although they weren’t as close as they were at the beginning of their careers, Gomez congratulated Lovato back in January after her Grammy performance. However, Lovato confirmed to Harper’s Bazaar that she and Gomez are no longer friends with one another. She also said that out of all her friends from her Disney Channel days, she only keeps in contact with Miley Cyrus.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Gomez’s fans soon dug up her alleged private Instagram page. They accused Lovato of using the account to make snarky remarks about her fellow Disney Channel alum. Shortly after, the hashtag #DemiIsOverParty was born, accusing the singer of being “canceled” in the entertainment industry.

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - AUGUST 07: Singer/actresses Demi Lovato (L) and Selena Gomez arrive at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre on August 7, 2011 in Universal City, California.
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Us Weekly reports Lovato said she is unbothered by the campaign to end her career. During her appearance on Jameela Jamil’s podcast, I Weigh, Lovato said she has been criticized by the public since she rose to fame in the 2000s.

“I’ve been canceled so many times, I can’t even count,” Lovato admitted.

“The hashtag #DemiIsOverParty, that whole thing. It just doesn’t even affect me anymore. One, it’s not real. I don’t think anyone was ever officially canceled, otherwise, certain people wouldn’t have Grammys, they wouldn’t have Oscars, certain people wouldn’t be where they are in their positions.”

Lovato suggested that fandoms should learn to practice “forgiveness culture” instead of wiping their hands with certain public figures. She believes the culture will continue to fail if fans don’t show “mercy” to those they cancel. Rather than punishing someone for their mishaps, Lovato thinks fans should consider their own past mistakes and if they would want the same treatment if the mistakes were made public.

Not only are Gomez’s fans currently bashing Lovato, Taylor Swift’s followers recently critiqued Jamil for sitting down with her for the interview. Lovato has shared in the past that she isn’t close with Swift. This caused a conflict with Swift’s loyal following, as she is besties with Gomez. Jamil shared on her Instagram page she wants nothing to do with the alleged feud between Lovato, Swift, and Gomez. The actress said she has “close interpersonal relationships” with both Swift and Lovato. She then pointed out that the focus of her podcast is to allow others to share their stories and not for celebrity gossip.

Gomez has yet to address Lovato regarding her comments.