Doctor Moves Into Outdoor Treehouse To Protect His Family From COVID-19

Dr. Jason Barnes of Corpus Christi, Texas is currently living in a treehouse in his backyard in an effort to protect his wife Jenna and their children from the coronavirus. He is an emergency room physician and was exposed to a patient more than three weeks ago that tested positive for COVID-19, according to Today.

Because Dr. Barnes has been exposed to the virus, he could be ill and just not yet be showing symptoms. Thus, he has been living in the treehouse for three weeks now. He had initially thought about renting an RV until the pandemic passes, but did not want to have to be so far away from his family. This way, he can still interact with his wife and two young children safely from a distance.

"The biggest part of my decision to move out here was I could see in my wife's eyes that she was scared. I had to do something because I didn't want her to be frightened," the 39-year-old doctor said.

The treehouse, which Dr. Barnes originally built for his children to enjoy, includes electricity, lights, a bunk bed, and a small table. While it has more amenities than most treehouses, it is, of course, not the ideal scenario. There are plenty of bugs and animals that disturb him throughout the night. However, Dr. Barnes is not complaining.

"It's not the most comfortable — I would much rather be in my house, but it is comfortable enough that I can get by," he said.

Jenna cooks his meals and leaves them out for him and he has a camping toilet he uses to go to the restroom. Dr. Barnes uses a bug zapper and a mosquito net to keep the pests away and is making the best of the situation.

Jenna opened up about how hard it is to not have her husband inside the house with her.

"It's difficult because I have two little boys doing home schooling now. It's not easy without him and they miss him and I miss him. We're just trying to get through it the best we can and not be exposed," she said.

It is not clear when Dr. Barnes will be able to rejoin his family and move back into his house. He is taking every precaution and is waiting on the go-ahead from health officials.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a vaccine for COVID-19 is not yet available. However, recent reports suggest it could be developed sooner than originally anticipated.