Conspiracy Poll Shows How Many Americans Think Obama Is The Antichrist

Public Policy Polling released its latest “conspiracy” poll, which asks Americans questions related to just about every single conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard of. Of the 1,247 registered American voters surveyed, an uncomfortable margin still believe pretty weird stuff, like that President Obama is in fact, the Biblical Antichrist.

They’re in the minority, but you’ll probably be surprised by just how many people believe in a number of conspiracies. For instance, how many believe in “a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda … conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government?” Roughly 28 percent. Over a quarter.

From there, about 21 percent believe that a UFO did indeed land in Roswell, New Mexico, and that the government has covered it up ever since.

About 13 percent believe that President Obama is the Biblical Antichrist, who will usher in the end times according to Christian eschatology, and 4 percent believe that “shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies.”

Now 4 percent is low, but that’s a one-in-four chance that one out of ten people you meet believes that life is the plot of They Live or the short-lived cult TV series V.

There are also other questions about the War on Terror, the conspiratorial link between vaccines and autism, even whether the government taints the water supply to control us. Interestingly, there’s a “not sure” option which floats around 10 percent on nearly every question …

Answering questions like “Do you believe media or the government adds secret mind-controlling technology to television broadcast signals, or not?” with “not sure” seems funnier (and maybe even crazier) than responding “yes” to me for some reason.

Anyway, it’s a short survey and the results are very simple to read. You can check out the Public Policy Polling results here, but come back and let us know what you think of some of these “conspiracies.” Do you think UFOs landed? Do you think Obama is the Antichrist? Sound off!

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]