Pretzel Brawl! Auntie Anne's Food Fight Breaks Out Over Wrong Dip

Kim LaCapria

A pretzel brawl at a Detroit Auntie Anne's location erupted, after an employee refused to replace an incorrect dip.

In fairness to the customers in the pretzel brawl, the best customer service move would have been to apologize and give them the freaking correct sauce.

But police say that the Oakland Mall Auntie Anne's location where the pretzel fight broke out did not attempt to amend their alleged oversight, angering the 22-year-old and 19-year-old women who found themselves on the receiving end of the error.

However, it wasn't the customers precipitating the pretzel brawl, according to police. By news accounts, the women tried to swap out their dip for the right one, but Auntie Anne's employees at the Oakland Mall insisted they pay for a replacement.

That's when things got ugly.

Police say the one Auntie Anne's employee threw dip at the two young women, and chaos broke out:

"That's when the women say an employee threw dip at them — striking one of them as well as a nearby security guard... Police say the women, a 19 and 22-year old, then tried to climb over the counter — causing a fight. One of them suffered a minor injury."

After the Auntie Anne's pretzel brawl, police say that the case is being reviewed to see who, if anyone, should be charged.

The head of Auntie Anne's was forced to comment on the pretzel brawl, and says that guests who experience "anything less than a pretzel perfect" visit are urged to get in touch.

— Auntie Anne's (@AuntieAnnes) April 2, 2013