Wendy Williams Thanks John Oliver For Praising The Authenticity Of Her At-Home Show

During the April 21 episode of Wendy Williams's virtual show, the talkshow host thanked John Oliver for his recent praise regarding her authenticity. During his show on Sunday night, Oliver gave Williams a shoutout for how she has been handling filming her show from her apartment. He pointed out that it's clear Williams isn't afraid of what people think of her, according to Hollywood Life.

Williams' setup for her virtual show is quite a bit different than how it was when she worked from the studio. The talk show host's New York City apartment is pretty cluttered and chaotic, which she has made clear she is not making any apologies for. Williams even eats while she does the show, which some critics have attacked her for. Oliver, however, is getting a kick out of the show.

"She's sharing a screen with a life-sized Betty Boop decked out in Supreme gear, Chanel accessories and a disco ball, and somehow, [Wendy is] still the most engrossing thing in that shot, eating a lamb chop in a weirdly dominant manner. Not many people can pull that off," he said of Williams.

Oliver proceeded to share clips from Williams' recent shows that showed just how casual and unscripted her home shows really are, including a clip of Williams chowing down on her breakfast. In another clip, Williams is dressed in a bright green elaborate dress, despite just sitting at her kitchen table.

Oliver pointed out that while many television hosts are currently filming from home, they probably aren't eating while doing it. While he acknowledged he does not typically watch The Wendy Williams Show, he has become a fan of Williams because of her realness. He decided to comically end his own show in Williams' honor by quickly gobbling down a sandwich.

Williams appreciated the fact that Oliver acknowledged her for keeping things real with her viewers and not trying to put up a front for her viewers.

"Aw John, thank you for being so thoughtful… Thank you, John. I adore you dearly. I'm so simple, if you like me, I like you," she said.

Williams went on to say that she and Oliver have actually been friends for years. He even bought her a matching top and pants set she admired that she saw Tameka Tiny Harris wearing.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams was displeased about having to stop studio production of her show but has been practicing social distancing and remains in quarantine by herself.