Leah Remini Teases Fans With New Podcast Project

Leah Remini attends the 2019 IDA Documentary Awards at Paramount Pictures on December 07, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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Leah Remini teased fans in a new Instagram post about the possibility of a new project, a podcast hosted along with her Scientology and the Aftermath co-star Mike Rinder. The former King of Queens star asked her fans if they would be interested in the duo coming together to create this type of entertainment project, and fans responded in the affirmative, thrilled the longtime friends would work together once again.

In the caption, Leah asked her fans if they would be interested in the twosome creating new content for a potential future podcast. She did not explain what the broadcast would feature, but it appears fans would like the twosome to continue their work exposing what they feel are the unfair practices of the Church of Scientology.

The twosome worked tirelessly to shed a light on the practices and policies of the religious organization throughout the three seasons of Scientology and the Aftermath that aired on the A&E network. Throughout the series’ run, it was recognized with Emmy, Online Film & Television Association, Producers Guild of America, and Television Critics Association awards.

The image Leah shared alongside the caption was of herself and Mike riding together in a car. He is driving. Leah looks adorable, wearing black oversized glasses, her smile bright as she sits in the passenger seat of the vehicle in the selfie. She is wearing what appears to be minimal makeup, using light colors to create a flawless face look. The dark rims of the glasses are flattering with her face shape. Leah’s hair is up in a loose topknot, her hair slicked up and away from her face. She finished her look with a dark-colored jacket that had a fabulous faux fur collar.

Mike looks happy to be taking the wheel of their journey. He is dressed neatly in a blue button-down shirt over a white T-shirt. He is wearing sunglasses. Mike’s salt-and-pepper hair is cropped close to his head and his face sports a full beard and mustache.

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@rindermike . This first picture was of you when you were in the Sea Organization, where you were raised and spent most of your life. Wow, how you have changed since you left. You weren’t taught that having and giving love unconditionally is everything , that family comes first and worth fighting for & real friends are something to cherish. And that having these things are the real signs of success of someone’s life. Success isn’t in what you have but rather who you are. Despite the toxic and abusive life you came from, you now give love unconditionally, you stand by & defend your friends, you hold your sons tight and enjoy the life you now have. You, like no other, do not take your life for granted. Thank you for reminding me of that everyday. You have been blessed with family and friends and you celebrate that everyday. We, your West Coast family celebrate you, we love you very much and we wish you a very happy birthday mike, may you continue to appreciate the beautiful life you guys have made for yourselves. You are successful in that you are so loved. Enjoy-You so deserve it!

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Fans loved the idea of a podcast, sharing their thoughts in the comments section of the share.

“Yes!! Just do Scientology the Aftermath as a podcast!! I need this to get through quarantine,” said one fan of the actress and activist.

“I think a podcast from you two would be so helpful! Especially to those relearning life from past cult beliefs into a traditional way of living,” remarked a second follower.

“LOVE YOU BOTH Thank you for using your platforms to do good & speak out,” remarked a third fan.