Lisa Vanderpump Posts Hilarious 'Cooking For Ken' Sausage Segment Filmed In Her Gorgeous Beverly Hills Kitchen

Lisa Vanderpump shared a hilarious video on Instagram as she whipped up a meal for her husband, Ken Todd.

The Bravo veteran and restaurant owner, who exited The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season, posted her first cooking segment on her Instagram page. Titled "Cooking for Ken: Get Me Outta Here," she took out her quarantining frustrations on a piece of sausage while preparing a batch of breakfast burritos.

For the video, Lisa traded her usual designer duds for a pink apron that read, "Born to Shop, Forced to Cook." As she noted that she has to keep her husband "happy," she got to work in the kitchen with a large piece of Beyond Meat sausage.

"I'm going to take out my frustration on that … whatever it resembles, I'm going to chop it," Lisa said of the meat substitute.

After attempting to chop the sausage to bits with a kitchen knife, she realized it was hard to cut.

The Vanderpump Rules star revealed that she has been housebound at her Villa Rosa mansion with Ken for "three weeks, six days, and 14 hours," which is why she was ready to take out her frustration on the sausage product.

Lisa then gave her fans another kitchen tip: She puts moisturizer inside her rubber gloves. After sliding her gloves on, the Bravo star cooked the sausages in olive oil with garlic in her pink pans and noted she did a good job on their "circumcision." She then began scrambling some eggs for her breakfast burritos dish as she called out to her husband to ask what he thinks.

The camera then panned over to Ken, who was sleeping in a chair nearby and snoring loudly.

"This is the success to our marriage," Lisa told her fans. "He's never awake. That's how I've lasted 30,000 days and 14 hours."

Lisa topped off her breakfast dish with some chopped cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese before wrapping the egg concoction in soft tortillas and frying them up. The reality TV veteran also shared that the secret to a good marriage is good food. Lisa has been married to Ken for 37 years.

In comments to the post, fans thanked Lisa for the too-cute cooking lesson and asked her to make it a weekly thing.

"We all need a little LVP to help us through a crisis. Pass the rosé, darling," one fan wrote.

"Oh come on Lisa, you know you love being home with Ken," another fan added.

While fans can currently see her on Vanderpump Rules, Lisa has had a lot of extra time to cook at home. Her California bars and restaurant — SUR, Pump, Villa Blanca, and TomTom — are all temporarily closed due to the health pandemic.