‘Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’ Title Update 9 Coming This Week

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition update nine is expected to roll out later this week.

The patch will introduce new content into the game in addition to fixing some bugs. The embedded trailer should give players a pretty good idea of what to expect from the latest update.

The biggest feature coming to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is an area known as The End. Players can construct a portal to the other world by killing Endermen. Once adventurers take the trip to the other side, they will battle a creature known as Enderdragon.

Although this area has been available to PC gamers for a while now, this will be the first time Xbox 360 owners can experience this new realm for themselves.

The End isn’t the only new additions the latest Title Update will bring to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Players can also anticipate spawn eggs, fire charges, climbable vines, and other minor tweaks A full list of updates to the open world adventure can be found at OXM.

News of the latest update comes just days after the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft surpassed six million downloads. The game managed to sell nearly four million copies between May and October of last year. It would seem the title’s popularity isn’t slowing anytime soon.

The game will soon be available to purchase on disc. The physical version of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will contain all of the features found in the digital download. The game will arrive on retails shelves on April 30 for $20.

An action-packed trailer for the upcoming Title Update has been included below.

Are you a fan of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition? Are you planning to spend your Friday evening battling your way through The End?