Ben Affleck Will Allegedly Seek Jennifer Garner's Approval Before Introducing Their Kids To Ana De Armas

Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana de Armas have been slowly getting serious according to a source at Hollywood Life. However, Ben has allegedly not introduced Ana to his three kids, Samuel, Violet, and Seraphina, as he is waiting for the right time.

The outlet claims that Ben is very respectful of his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and will seek her permission and approval before moving forward with introducing Ana.

According to the source, while Ben and Ana have special plans for the actress's upcoming 32nd birthday on April 30, it is unlikely that Ben will use the opportunity to introduce his children to the Knives Out actress. The source reveals that the 47-year-old wants to wait until the craziness surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic dies down.

Ben and Jennifer are reportedly on good terms. The two have been co-parenting their kids since their separation in 2015. Understandably, Ben wants to be considerate of his ex's wishes concerning their children.

"Ben is very respectful of Jennifer's wishes when it comes to their kids so any decision to have him meet Ana will be run by her first," said one of the inside sources.

The source continued, saying that the idea of a meeting between the two parties is "not even being discussed or planned" right now due to the viral outbreak.

However, they also specified that Ben "is very serious about Ana, and he will eventually want her to meet his kids."

That said, he isn't stressed about it and feels that a meeting will happen naturally when the timing is right.

For Ana's birthday, the couple is allegedly planning to spend a quiet day together indoors. The Way Back actor is supposedly a romantic, and a source close to Ben revealed that he would probably buy his new girlfriend jewelry or some other classy gift.

He reportedly intends to spend quality time with Ana for her special day and then throw her a much bigger celebration when the pandemic is over.

"Plans for Ben and Ana are being kept close to the vest for her birthday, but one thing he is looking forward to is going on a trip to celebrate when everyone has the chance to do that in the world and with both families being all together," said the source.

Last month, Ana and Ben were spotted taking an afternoon stroll through Los Angeles, California, amid the stay-at-home order. The two were photographed sharing a passionate kiss.