April 23, 2020
Donald Trump 'Eager' To Get Out Of The White House, Reportedly Exploring Ways To Travel Outside Washington

Donald Trump is reportedly getting a bit stir-crazy and has begun exploring ways he could start to travel outside of Washington, D.C., in the coming days after spending weeks inside the White House.

The report from MSNBC claimed that Trump is "quite eager" to get out of the White House and looking into the possibility of traveling as early as the week of May 4. The report noted that the president and his allies have been working on what those trips could look like, with the president likely meeting with first responders and those affected by the coronavirus.

While these would not be campaign trips per se, the report noted that Trump is also eager to get back on the campaign trail. He had previously continued a regular cadence of campaign stops since taking office, but has not held one since early March.

Trump had reportedly shown some public signs of growing restless in the White House, where he has remained since national restrictions were put in place in mid-March to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The only exception was for a brief trip to see off the USNS Comfort as it traveled from Norfolk, Virginia, to New York City to serve as a mobile hospital for COVID-19 patients.

As The Inquisitr reported, the president claimed that it had been "months" since he left the White House and did not seem to remember holding a rally in early March, as a reporter had corrected him.

"I don't know. Did I hold a rally? I'm sorry, I hold a rally. Did I hold a rally?" Trump replied.

In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, Trump said that he would not let the spread of the virus stop him from hitting the campaign trail, though he later shut it down as states across the country put tight restrictions in place that included barring public events.

While it is not clear when Trump's on-the-road campaigning could resume, the Republican National Committee has already made it clear that the pandemic won't alter plans for the convention later this summer. As The Hill reported, RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel made it clear that the event -- scheduled for between August 24 and August 27 in Charlotte, North Carolina -- was still going on as planned.

"We are full steam ahead planning a traditional convention, working with our team on the ground... to conduct a traditional convention," McDaniel said. "We do not think at this time we have to switch to an alternative plan, but of course, we will monitor circumstances and adjust accordingly."