Brit Manuela Shows Of Her Tan In Strappy Black Lingerie That Leaves Very Little To The Imagination

Brit Manuela gazes at the camera for a selfie.
Brit Manuela / Instagram

Brit Manuela rocked a very racy ensemble in her latest Instagram update that sent temperatures soaring on her feed.

The multi-pic social media post kicked off with a shot of the American model sitting on her bed at her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The golden sunlight flooded into the room thanks to an open window outside of the frame, providing a gorgeous natural spotlight as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes in a blissful manner. A bottle of Bali Body self-tanner sat next to her as she posed for the camera, which she noted in the caption of the upload has been helping her stay tan while in quarantine.

To show off the results of her tanning products, Brit slipped into a set of strappy black lingerie that left very little to the imagination. The set included a revealing bra with a low scoop neckline and cut-out cups that left her voluptuous assets almost completely exposed. Lace appliques provided a minimal amount of coverage to her chest so as not to violate Instagram’s nudity guidelines, however, an ample amount of cleavage and underboob were still very much on display.

The matching panties of the set boasted a daringly high-cut design that showcased Brit’s bombshell curves. It also featured a unique double waistband that sat high up on her hips to draw attention to her flat midsection and abs. She added a slinky black robe as an extra layer to her look, though left it completely open to show off her incredible physique in its entirety.

In the remaining three slides of the upload, Brit gave her audience a demonstration of how well the Bali Body tanning products worked. She first showed off her bare legs with no lotion on them, then added a photo comparing one leg that had been lathered in the self-tanner to another that had yet to receive the treatment. The fourth snap displayed the final results — a deep bronze that made it look like Brit had just returned from the beach.

Fans weren’t shy about showing Brit some love for her skin-baring new Instagram share. The post has racked up over 28,000 likes after just two hours. Her followers also left hundreds of compliments for her stunning display.

“You are really beautiful,” one person wrote.

“Body goals,” added another.

“Your tan is so on point, truly perfect,” a third admirer commented.

“Ok wow times a million,” a fourth follower remarked.

Tan or not, Brit’s incredible figure always seems to impress her thousands of fans. She recently shared a steamy selfie that saw her rocking a skimpy tan bikini that did nothing but favors for her flawless physique. That post proved popular as well, earning more than 32,000 likes and 830 comments to date.