Amanda Cerny Wears A Black Bikini & Goes 'Under The Sea' To Honor Earth Day

Stacy Carey

Fitness guru Amanda Cerny was happy to celebrate Earth Day on Wednesday and she found a great way to compel her millions of Instagram followers to do the same. Her video post garnered an immense amount of love in less than a day.

The video featured Amanda wearing a black bikini as she swam underwater with fish. She wore a clear face mask that covered her eyes and mouthed the words to "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

The short clip starts with Amanda's beau Johannes Bartl paddling a yellow kayak across the blue-green water with sailboats nearby. The footage then shifts to her sitting on the sand of the shallow sea area. Dozens of fish swam around and over her as she was filmed underwater.

She was positioned so her long, athletic legs were stretched out in front of her and her chiseled abs could be spotted throughout the short video. She incorporated some comical, exaggerated facial expressions as she mouthed the words of the song. Soon after, the shot shifted back to an overhead view of the water.

This Earth Day tribute video was watched about 680,000 times in a matter of hours. It has received nearly 165,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments. Most of the comments were focused on the message in the caption and were filled with praise, positivity, and remarks about people's own efforts to protect the planet.

"This is such a beautiful message from your end! Loved it. Hopefully maximum of us follow it," noted one follower.

"U always inspire everyone by your kind acts love u Amanda," a fan remarked.

"Great video love ur pics and videos," shared a third person.

"Love to watch ur videos, they're funny and inspiring at the same time, lots of positivities, keep up the good work," a fourth social media user encouraged.

This video did what Amanda often sets out to do in her social media posts, which is incorporate a touch of humor with a hint of sexiness to draw in her fans. Oftentimes, she focuses solely on presenting a sexy vibe. However, her millions of followers know that she often can't resist adding a humorous twist to whatever she does and that approach clearly worked in this case.