Uber Is Donating Free Rides & Food To Victims Of Domestic Abuse

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Uber, the popular ride-share service, will donate 50,000 free rides and food to domestic abuse victims across the globe. According to USA Today, the company plans to assist women who are experiencing domestic violence while mandatory stay-at-home orders are in place.

“The ride-hailing giant announced plans on Thursday to donate 50,000 free rides to domestic violence organizations in more than 30 cities across 16 countries.”

Due to social distancing measures and self-quarantining, many victims of domestic abuse are stuck indoors with their abusers. Domestic violence cases are on the rise around the world.

Public transportation is severely limited right now amid the coronavirus pandemic, making it very difficult for victims to escape, particularly those who are not financially independent.

The outlet quoted the vice president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, Allison Randall. She explained that many people living with an abuser might not even have access to a car, as that person could be controlling their access.

“A lack of transportation is a huge barrier for survivors of domestic violence every day of the week. And that’s really exacerbated by COVID-19,” said Randall.

She continued, saying that many local shelters are in communication with local women trying to escape from toxic home environments. By maintaining their emergency hotlines, they will be able to deploy rides as needed.

It will be up to the individual shelters to decide how to fairly disperse the free rides from Uber to victims in the direst situations.

“We’re providing those ride codes to the actual organization and then they will work with the survivor to determine what would be a safe location to take them to,” said Tracey Breeden, who is head of the gender-based violence and women’s safety programs at Uber.

USA Today reports that Uber is also planning to donate 45,000 meals to domestic violence survivors currently living in shelters.

Uber’s decision to donate to victims has earned it a great deal of praise on social media. Many people are tweeting their support to the company and thanking it for their aid.

Helping abuse survivors is not the only way Uber is planning to give back. Earlier this month, USA Today shared that the company would donate 10 million free rides to healthcare workers and other people on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Uber was urging people not to use their services amid the pandemic. The company released a 60-second advertisement asking people to stay home and self-isolate as much as they can.

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While most can shelter at home safely, some can't. ⠀ ⠀ That’s why we are partnering with domestic violence organizations and local governments in 35 cities across 16 countries to provide 50,000 free rides to shelters and safe spaces, and more than 45,000 free meals.⠀ ⠀ As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our communities, stay-at-home orders have created unintended challenges for some of the most vulnerable among us, including victims of domestic violence. Many are facing increased risk, and are left with few safe options to access resources, seek help or plan an exit. ⠀ ⠀ A few weeks ago, we pledged to provide 10 million free rides and food deliveries to those who need them most during this unprecedented time. With experts reporting a surge in domestic violence globally in the last few weeks, many shelters and service providers are seeking urgent assistance. We want to do our part to help survivors access life-saving services and find a safe place to shelter.⠀ ⠀ We’ve expanded longstanding partnerships and initiated new ones with incredible organizations like the Safe Center LI in New York, Femmes Avec in Paris (@femmes_avec_), WESNET in Australia (@WESNETAustralia), Nissa Institute for Women’s Development in Johannesburg , YWCA in Canada (@ywcacanada) and so many more. We’re extremely grateful for their tireless efforts to support our communities during this especially difficult time.⠀ ⠀ Uber is committed to women’s safety both on our app and in the communities that we serve. Over the past several years, we’ve partnered with leading gender-based violence organizations globally on awareness, education and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. We’ve also taken important steps – like publishing the industry’s first-ever safety report – to drive accountability and improve safety for Uber and the entire industry.⠀ ⠀ Each of us can help others access resources and safe spaces. If you need help, or know someone who does, there are resources available through our partners at @nomoreorg and the @nnedv.

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