Meghan McCain Stops Short Of Saying She’ll Vote For Joe Biden, But It ‘Shouldn’t Take A Rocket Scientist’

Theo WargoGetty Images

Meghan McCain appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night to discuss a variety of topics, however, one subject seemed to draw the most attention. Cohen asked McCain a question from a viewer, who wanted to know if she’d vote for Joe Biden now that he’s the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

“It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist,” she answered, per CNN, though she didn’t come out and explicitly say she would be voting for the former vice president.

McCain appeared alongside her friend, Erika Jayne of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to speak about a couple of topics, but the conversation inevitably turned toward politics and who McCain would be voting for this November. Although a staunch conservative, she has been distancing herself from the Republican party over the past year and a half, even going so far as saying she no longer “self-identifies” as a Republican, according to USA Today. The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain stated Donald Trump’s party is not something she recognizes anymore and is not the party her father would have identified with.

McCain is also a close friend of Biden. As she said on Watch What Happens Live, she claimed her parents met because of the Bidens. She also stated the former vice president helped her work through her grief when her father passed. Fans of The View will remember Biden comforting her as she began crying on air when speaking about her father’s cancer diagnosis. Because of their close relationship, it could be safe to say McCain would vote for the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate this fall.

Cohen then asked if her mother would be voting for Biden as well. Even though McCain hedged making any definite declarations, she did point to her mother’s close relationship with Biden and to how Trump has treated her family.

“The Trumps, they’re always making my mom cry,” McCain said.

She then continued to speak about how she sometimes has to go with her heart over her head. She stated politics is personal, and she feels the country needs someone at the moment who “tamps down” the hatred and fear permeating current society, implying that person would be Biden, not Trump.

Cohen wondered if Biden would be the first Democrat her mother voted for, a question to which McCain didn’t reply.

Jayne spoke up as well, telling McCain that she should be Biden’s running mate.

“He said he was going to pick a woman,” she said. “It should be you!”

McCain laughed off the suggestion, saying that Biden would most likely pick someone like Sen. Kamala Harris. She did assure viewers she had no inside information, however, stating she didn’t know who he was going to select to be on the ticket.

Jayne joked she would rather it be McCain, as she “was not friends” with Harris.

The full segment can be seen below.