Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her 'Mini Breakdown,' Admits She Doesn't Care About Being Famous

Kelly Clarkson opened up about fame and how she's managed to stay so down-to-earth and positive as she navigates life in the spotlight while still being true to herself. Kelly got very candid while chatting with fans during an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit on April 22. She recalled one moment when she had what she described as a "mini breakdown" once she realized she could never go back to the anonymity she enjoyed before winning the first season of American Idol in 2002.

The "Since U Been Gone" singer -- who recently broke down in tears during an emotional moment with one of her contestants on The Voice -- admitted that she found herself crying during a heart-to-heart with her brother, Jason, several years ago while in her garage in her home state of Texas.

"I just kept repeating 'I can't take it back,' and what I was meaning was I'm gonna be in the public eye forever now and that's something you can't take back once it happens," the now mom-of-two recalled, per Today.

"The weight/pressure of that thought, and the reality of it was so overwhelming, BUT it also put things into perspective for me."
Kelly revealed that it was at that moment when she learned not to put so much focus on what other people think of her as she started to compare fame to growing up in her small hometown, where everybody had an opinion and knew her business. She explained that the thought actually "calmed" her when it came to her new life in the spotlight because she "grew up in that atmosphere," so she knew she had the skills to handle it.

Kelly also opened up during this week's Reddit chat about how important it is for her to stay true to herself when it comes to her thriving career.

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The star explained that her steadfastness in only ever being herself has sometimes caused problems for her because she's been surrounded by people whose primary aim is to make her as famous as possible. She's had to adjust to a life as one of the most in-demand celebrities in the game.

Not only is she a world-famous pop star and mother, she's also a coach on The Voice and host of The Kelly Clarkson Show. In addition, she recently announced her own residency in Las Vegas.

"I don't care about being famous. I never have. That's why I've struggled with people I've worked with in this industry," she said, noting that being the most famous or successful person ever has never been her big goal or dream, an attitude that helps her to stay true to herself and live an honest, happy life.

"I have always stuck to my path that I choose, regardless of what that may bring, because as far as I know we get this one life and I'm gonna make damn sure it's what I want and is as awesome as I can make it," Kelly added.

Kelly's candid words come shortly after the star got real about how she's coping at home in her Montana cabin with her husband and two children, as the family of four rides out the current coronavirus crisis together.