April 24, 2020
Denise Richards Vows To Protect Her Teen Daughters From Having 'Father-Daughter Issues' With Dad Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards says she doesn't want her teenage daughters to have daddy issues, and she's doing everything she can to make sure it doesn't happen.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who shares daughters Sami, 16, and Lola, 14, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen, says she never trash talks her ex, even amid their ongoing child support drama and her ex-husband's controversial past.

On the most recent episode of the Bravo hit, Denise was hit with the news that Charlie was bashing her in the press amid claims that he owed her $450,000 in back child support. The former Two and a Half Men star called Denise a "coward" after she responded to his court filing. In 2018, the actor filed a request to modify the child support being paid to both Denise and ex-wife Brooke Mueller, the mother of his twin sons, due to his inability to find steady work, per People.

In an RHOBH confessional, Denise clarified that she wasn't going after Charlie for child support and that it was him who filed a lawsuit because he didn't want to pay her at all. The Bravo star was visibly upset about an upcoming hearing that will include depositions and incriminating declarations that her daughters will hear about.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star explained that she strives to keep her ex-husband's controversial past away from their daughters.

"There's a lot that the kids don't know about their dad and I want to keep it that way," Denise said.

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The Bold & the Beautiful star also noted that she doesn't want her daughters to end up like some of the women Charlie has been known to hang out with. In the past, the actor made headlines for his penchant for paid company, and he once had a bevy of girlfriends he dubbed his "goddesses."

"Even though he's Charlie Sheen, that is still to them their dad," Denise said of her kids. "I never talk badly about him and I want him to be part of their lives because I met a lot of the women that Charlie entertained and a lot of them had father-daughter issues. And I do not want that to be our girls."

Despite their ongoing legal drama, Denise has said that Charlie will always be a part of her life because she still considers him family.

"No matter what's gone down with Charlie and I... I invite Charlie to anything having to do with the kids and I," Denise previously said, per Page Six.

Denise was married to Charlie Sheen from 2002 to 2006. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who also has an 8-year-old daughter, Eloise, whom she adopted on her own, married Aaron Phypers in 2018.