‘My 600-LB Life’ David & Benji Update: See The Amazing Progress The Brothers Have Made

A picture of a scale.

David and Benji Bolton have been two of the biggest success stories in My 600-LB Life, and now fans get a chance at yet another update from the once morbidly obese brothers.

The brothers first appeared two years ago on the TLC docu-series, weighing more than 1,300 pounds between them and in desperate need of changes. Though many people featured on the show have struggled to overcome the mental and emotional hang-ups that have led them to their current weight — and also struggle to overcome the deep addictions to food they have developed as a coping mechanism — David and Benji seemed to thrive under the guidance of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and both lost a significant amount of weight.

This week’s episode gives another update on David and Benji in their time after appearing on My 600-LB Life, and it appears from social media updates that they have continued making progress. As Distractify noted, Benji already lost 382 pounds and David dropped 452 pounds during their initial appearance.

Benji has continued dropping weight and is now all the way down to 176 pounds. Those who have a hard time envisioning him at such a normal weight can check out his public Facebook page, which shows an almost unrecognizable cover photo.

As Distracify noted, David’s progress hasn’t quite been so public. He filed a lawsuit against the production company behind My 600-LB Life claiming that producers took advantage of him and is reportedly now estranged from his brother. The report added that David hasn’t posted any new social media updates since February 2019, though he did show continual weight loss until that point.

Starcasm reported that David tapped the same attorney who represented the family of My 600-LB Life’s L.B. Bonner, who died by suicide after appearing on the show. Both lawsuits accused production company Megalomedia of gross negligence, claiming that those featured on the show were not given proper mental health support and that pleas for help were ignored.

“Starcasm has exclusive details of the My 600 Lb Life new lawsuit, including Bolton’s claim that the show’s producers lied to him about paying for his medical bills; his allegations of staged and traumatic drama for reality TV purposes; and Bolton’s accusations regarding the lack of mental health care he says he needed, but did not receive,” the report noted.

David’s initial episode of My 600-LB Life showed how his difficult family upbringing led to his weight gain, with the cash-strapped family offering cheap and unhealthy food as a treat. David’s childhood was even more difficult as his parents entered the siblings in child beauty pageants.

Those looking for more updates on Benji and David after their time on My 600-LB Life can keep an eye on the show’s official page at TLC, which is updated regularly with pictures and stories of those featured on the show.