Dove Cameron Finally Does The 'Remember Me' Challenge on TikTok

Double-threat talent Dove Cameron has finally done the TikTok "Remember Me" challenge.

The singer has been re-posting fans' TikToks to her recently released song, "Remember Me," to her social media accounts. The trend involves fans performing a choreographed dance to the song and posting it to their accounts.

Dove originally performed the song on an Instagram live for the World Health Organization's #TogetherAtHome concert series. She then released the song shortly after and hosted an Instagram live video with rapper BIA, who is also on the track.

She eventually performed the video herself earlier this week. She posted the video to her Instagram story, showing her viewers that she had finally joined in on the trend.

"Quarantine n y'all's #remembermechallenge got me dancing on tik tok???????? be nice i'm new here #rememberme use my sound i'll be looking thru vids!!" she captioned her video.

The video showed Dove in a white, off-the-shoulder shirt with her wavy blonde hair to one side. She wore a black Calvin Klein sports bra and grey sweatpants as she dances outside while the sun sets.

The video has over 1.7 million views so far on TikTok. The "Remember Me" hashtag on the app has over 39.6 million views.


Fans have also been posting their videos on Instagram using #RememberMeChallenge. While Dove didn't post the video to her Instagram feed, the hashtag has been used more than 100,000 times.

Dove said in an interview that the song is about wanting to freeze a moment in time with her partner.

"It's a bit of a, 'I will only be this beautiful, this young, this healthy, this vibrant right now, and will never be more beautiful and in my prime than I am right now.' And while I'm aware of that, I also know that it's ending and that this is fleeting," she told POPSUGAR.

In the same interview, Dove shared how she hopes the song will distance her from her Disney Channel "Liv & Maddie" days. She also said that the music she has been releasing this past year is heavily influenced from past experiences, such as her co-star and good friend Cameron Boyce passing away last year.

Dove's "Remember Me" challenge isn't the only trending dance on the popular social media app. Other stars, such as Mariah Carey, have participated in other TikTok challenges.

Celebrities using TikTok have increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, as reported by L'Officiel.