Kelly Ripa Shares Look-Alike Pics Of Mark Consuelos And His Dad

Lucille Barilla

Kelly Ripa shared look-alike photos of husband Mark Consuelos and his father Saul to Instagram. She placed the images side by side in an attempt to show fans how much the two resemble each other, especially since Mark decided to grow what she calls a quarantine mustache.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan host posted the pics together to show her 2.7 million followers the eerie similarities between father and son.

On the left is her handsome father-in-law in a photo from 1966, five years before Mark was born to Saul and Camilla Consuelos in March 1971. On the right is Mark in a current photo taken during a broadcast of Live on Monday, April 20.

Saul sports the same neatly coiffed hair as his son, albeit a little fuller as that was the style in the late 1960s. It is also parted on the same side. Father and son have the same face and eyebrow shape, as well as sharing deep similarities in the structures of their eyes and noses.

Another fan asked Kelly in the comments section if she wouldn't mind adding a photo of her son Michael to the montage. In response, the entertainer remarked that Michael has indeed grown a beard and mustache as well since the coronavirus self-quarantine began.

"He looks like a carbon copy of his father. He does look younger without it, but by all means, let's tell him he looks amazing so he will shave it," quipped one fan of the couple.

"Please convince Mark to keep the stache. It looks great!!" stated a second fan.

"WOW, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, he is the spitting image of his father. Now just add Michael and we will have triplets!" said a third Instagram user.