‘The Walking Dead’: Cooper Andrews Shaves Off Beard And Now Fans Believe Jerry Is About To Die

Along with the clean-shaven face, Cooper Andrews teases 'Walking Dead' fans with a cryptic Instagram video.

Cooper Andrews attends The Walking Dead Premiere and After Party on September 27, 2018 in Los Angeles, California
Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Along with the clean-shaven face, Cooper Andrews teases 'Walking Dead' fans with a cryptic Instagram video.

Fans of Jerry in AMC’s The Walking Dead are now fearful of this character’s fate after Cooper Andrews shaved his beard and posted a cryptic message to his official Instagram account, according to Digital Spy.

With many people in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of men are taking the opportunity to grow a beard. But Cooper Andrews decided to shave his off. And, as is the case with The Walking Dead, when an actor changes their hairstyle or shaves their beard, the assumption is made that their character will perish in the hit zombie apocalypse TV series.

Initially, when Andrews posted an Instagram video, he made a note to his fans that they might not recognize him due to the lack of a beard. This immediately got viewers speculating about Jerry’s fate. Then, another video was posted in which the actor claimed he had just one reason to shave off his beard.

“Okay, since everyone’s growing out their beard and their mustache, I figured I would shave mine,” Andrews said in the video.

“It’s been the first time in a little over four years that I’ve done it this way and my face is cold. That is the only reason. I mean, there’s other reasons but that’s a reason.”

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As reported by The Inquisitr, fans were previously concerned for Jerry’s fate after a trailer for the Season 10 return of The Walking Dead appeared to show Jerry attacked by a group of walkers while his group was trapped inside a cave. Luckily, though, when the season resumed, Jerry turned out to be safe and well, despite the horde attack.

Jerry is a fan-favorite character who many viewers fret over whenever it appears he has had too much happiness, which is a good indicator in The Walking Dead that a character’s time is up. However, Jerry has been persistent in both surviving and in being happy, so these latest clips have scared many fans.

“Why would you play with our feelings making it look like you’re going to die on TWD,” one fan wrote in the comments section of the latest clip posted by Andrews.

It was a sentiment felt by many other viewers who weighed in on whether this was a sign his character was about to perish.

Of course, with the current social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, it is unclear when The Walking Dead will return with its Season 10 finale and when filming will commence for Season 11. This means that Andrews might have merely shaved his beard for the reason he stated, knowing that he has enough time for it to grow again before he goes back to work.