Lauren Drain Emerges From Crystal Clear Waters In The Bahamas While Rocking A Blue Bikini

Lauren Drain takes a selfie
Lauren Drain / Instagram

Lauren Drain shared a new video with her 3.9 million Instagram followers earlier this evening. She stunned her fans by posting a short clip of herself wearing a blue bikini while emerging from crystal clear waters in Exuma, The Bahamas. The song “Sunset Lover” by Petit Biscuit was added to the video in the editing stage.

The camera was set up several feet from the shore. It caught Lauren submerged in the water up to her waist before she sauntered toward the shore. She kept her arms stretched out by her sides and appeared to be enjoying the clear skies and vibrant sun.

Every so often, Lauren paused to look up and smile at her gorgeous surroundings before continuing forward. Her long blond hair was left loose to blow freely in the gentle breeze coming off of the water.

Lauren wore a light blue string bikini that hugged her curvy figure. Not only did the swimsuit showcase her plunging cleavage and flat midriff, but it also allowed her to expose her long, toned legs.

She accessorized with a bracelet but kept her makeup to a minimum. It appeared she was wearing a little bit of lipstick and mascara, but not much else.

The end of the video shows a close-up of Lauren’s body as she walked close to the camera. Her bright orange fingernails were briefly visible, as was a stunning view of her sizeable chest. She was close enough to the lens for viewers to see the smattering of freckles along her stomach.

In her caption, Lauren talked about wanting to get back to her weight in the video and encouraged her fans to sign up for her summer fitness program.

Lauren’s share generated a lot of attention from her loyal fan base. In less than three hours of going live, her video racked up more than 6,600 likes and close to 100 comments.

Aside from her regular admirers, several of her famous colleagues including, David Michigan and Stephanie Davis, also liked and commented on her post.

“Absolutely bloody beautiful,” raved one fan, inserting three red heart emoji to their remark.

“Wow you’re simply perfect,” said a second user.

“You look fantastic!! Oh I would so love to be 140!” exclaimed a third person.

Earlier today, The Inquisitr reported that the model had shared a video of herself hanging out on Pig Island in the Bahamas while wearing an animal-print bikini. She fed a few large pigs while standing knee-deep in the water.