WWE Issues Statement After Anonymous Employee Says Company Is Forcing Him To Work During Coronavirus Pandemic

Vince McMahon and WWE are now firing back at claims that the company has been forcing employees to work during the coronavirus pandemic. An employee named "John" claims that he has had no choice but to work and is pleading with the government to shut down WWE's operations. Now, the wrestling giant is speaking out against the claims and says they are not valid.

On Tuesday, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners met to update the public on how things are going in the state of Florida. During the meeting, an anonymous WWE employee submitted a comment saying he has been "forced to work" during the state's shelter-in-place orders.

The employee states that he doesn't feel as if he can speak to WWE management for the risk of losing his job, but he wanted to let people know what is going on.

Last week, dozens of WWE employees and superstars were released or furloughed due to the economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The employee feels as if sharing his concerns with his management team will result in him being released as well.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that WWE reached out to them to issue a response to the claims brought about by "John."

"These accusations aren't true. Employees know they can confidentially go to Human Resources, not the public. Notwithstanding the appropriate protocol, no one would be fired if they were uncomfortable with their surroundings. We've made accommodations for individuals upon request."
WWE has been running television tapings and live shows for the last month without any fans in attendance. Their productions have been happening with minimal crew present and with several health and safety guidelines in place.

During this time, many fans have noticed that numerous superstars have not been present on television. Roman Reigns did not appear in a significant match at WrestleMania 36 due to concerns over his health, and no talent has said WWE forced them to perform.

Akira Tozawa and Austin Theory battle on

Initially, WWE shut down its operations due to not being able to film during the shutdown across the state. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis eventually deemed them an "essential business," which allowed them to operate just as pharmacies, groceries, and restaurants have been doing so.

Throughout this entire situation, WWE and All Elite Wrestling have informed employees that they were not required to work during the pandemic. The companies also said that the employees' decisions are centered on their comfortability with nothing held against them in the future.