April 22, 2020
Baltimore Ravens' Orlando Brown Confused For 'That's So Raven' Actor Who Accused Will Smith Of Sexual Abuse

Orlando Brown Jr. - a player for the Baltimore Ravens - said on Twitter that he had been mistaken for the troubled actor Orlando Brown who starred in Disney's That's So Raven. This came after the actor was filmed in a bizarre video where he claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Will Smith and Michael Jackson.

The former child actor's issues with drug abuse have been well-documented and according to Brown Jr., this is not the first time he was confused with the Major Payne actor. Last week, a video circulated of the actor in an incoherent tirade where he accused Jackson of setting him up to meet Smith which led to him being assaulted.

Brown Jr. found out about the news after several people had contacted him on social media after mistaking his account for that of the 32-year-old actor's. The Ravens tackle took to Twitter to clarify he was a different "Orlando Brown" as people seemed to have been confused by their similar names and affiliation with "Ravens." He also implied this confusion had happened several times before.

"So I guess the other Orlando Brown said some crazy stuff again. idk how many times I gotta say it...YOU GOT THE WRONG ONE!! I play for the Ravens, I was not on That's So Raven."
The 23-year-old NFL player also included cry-laughing emojis in the tweet to his 42,000 followers. It went viral and received over 224,000 likes and 31,000 retweets. Fans flooded his replies with jokes as it received over 820 comments.

One follower jokingly asked who he preferred working with, his quarterback star or television co-star.

"Who did you enjoy working with more, Raven Simone or Lamar Jackson?" they asked to which Brown Jr. replied with laughing emojis.

"That is kind of ironic that you got drafted by the ravens now that you mention that lol," a fan wrote.

"Suuuuuure..That's something Orlando Brown WOULD say," another joked.

A Twitter user pointed out another Ravens associate shared a similar name with an infamous individual. Gerry Sandusky is a broadcaster for the team and is sometimes confused with disgraced Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky. The broadcaster's Twitter bio clarifies which Sandusky he is.

"Man, the Ravens are just so full of this between you and @GerrySandusky," the user wrote.

During the actor's recorded rant, he claimed that Smith assaulted him as a child and also abused all of Brown's family members. At one point, he claimed to be Smith's oldest son, Trey, and later said he was Jackson's son, Blanket.