Donald Trump Jr. Roasted On Twitter After Praising Girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Cooking & Working

Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Gulifoyle attend a runway show in New York
Manny Carabel / Getty Images

President Donald Trump’s oldest son Don Jr. was full of compliments after his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle cooked dinner at home recently. He shared his praise for her via his Twitter page, but what he received in return was a fair amount of roasting.

Trump Jr. shared Kimberly’s tweet from a few days ago that showed a couple of photos of her in the kitchen. She said that it had been a great night of home cooking, having made her famous homemade garlic bread along with shrimp scampi.

Kimberly was photographed pouring the shrimp scampi from the pan into a serving bowl while wearing a winter hat, a plaid shirt, and jeans. When Trump shared the post and added his own commentary on Monday night, he said that she’s turned into a heck of a chef during the quarantine.

He also noted that Kimberly can do it all, as she’s been cooking as well as working from home on his father’s reelection campaign during the past few weeks of social distancing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Overnight, Trump’s post received around 20,000 likes, and it was shared more than 3,000 times. It has also garnered around 1,500 comments so far, and this is where he received some critical and sarcastic pushback.

Quite a few people referenced the recent report alleging that Kimberly is being secretly paid $180,000 a year through a private company owned by campaign manager Brad Parscale. Others wondered why she’s wearing a pom-pom winter hat in the kitchen and others critiqued the praise Trump gave her over a relatively simple meal.

Plenty of others took aim at Trump’s commentary about how Kimberly can juggle cooking and working at the same time during the quarantine.

“NEWSFLASH: Women have careers and also run the household. This is not some phenomenon that Kimberly made up herself. This is how real people live,” wrote one of Trump’s critics.

“Do we have to pretend to be impressed that a 50-year-old can cook a basic dish of food?” questioned another person.

“How much of your emotional support cougar’s hair ended up in that meal?” detailed a snarky reply.

“Wonder what the people who donate to her paycheck are lining up to get in their food boxes?” noted someone else.

There were a number of supportive comments though, too. Quite a few Trump supporters asked for the shrimp scampi recipe and others noted how much they miss seeing her in her old gig at Fox News. Some even said they think she’ll make a fabulous first lady in another four years.

By the looks of things, Trump didn’t let any of the criticism fluster him as it doesn’t appear he has responded to any of the negative comments.