'Outlander' Season 5, Episode 10 Preview: Stephen Bonnet Returns

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 10 (titled "Mercy Shall Follow Me") of Starz's Outlander Season 5. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest episode of Outlander saw Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) revealed to his son-in-law, Roger (Richard Rankin), his plan for Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers). This means that viewers are eager to know if this storyline will continue into the next episode.

According to Fansided, the synopsis for Episode 10 is as follows.

"Jamie and Roger implement their plan to eliminate the threat looming over them, but it goes awry; Brianna is forced to confront her greatest fear and fight for her and her son's lives."
It reveals that Jamie and Roger will likely continue on in their plan to meet up with Bonnet in the fake deal organized by Jamie. Bonnet has long been a thorn in Jamie's side after he freed him from the gallows only to have the man repeatedly cause grief to his family. The final straw was when Bonnet raped Jamie's daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton). As a result of this, Jamie has been planning to exact the ultimate revenge by killing the man.

However, the synopsis also states that things do not go entirely to plan. The second part could also reveal that Bonnet may confront Brianna (Sophie Skelton), who has been fearing such an event since it was discovered the man had survived the fire at the cellblock where he was being held captive.

The trailer for the upcoming episode of Outlander also delves further into the Bonnet storyline.

Richard Rankin as Roger and Sophie Skelton as Brianna, as seen in Season 5 of Starz's 'Outlander'

In it, Roger states that even though he is "no marksman and only a half-decent swordsman," he wants to be the one who finally kills Bonnet.

The short clip then shows a kaleidoscope of images from Episode 10 that most likely relate to the Bonnet storyline. However, they occur so quickly that it is hard to make out exactly how the episode will unfold after Roger makes his statement. Most worrying, though, is an image of what appears to be Claire (Caitriona Balfe) by herself as a man approaches. The potential is that this man is Bonnet and he has turned up at Fraser's Ridge. As has been previously stated by Jamie, Bonnet will likely try to declare Brianna's son as his own. By doing so, he would then be able to lay claim to Jemmy's inheritance, which is Jocasta's (Maria Doyle Kennedy) vast property.

At the very end of the clip, Brianna is shown standing on a beach looking at something off-screen. Her mother's voice can be heard telling her to run. However, it is unclear if Brianna will take her mother's advice or if she will stay and fight. This means that viewers will have to tune in to Sunday night's upcoming episode in order to find out more.