Dolly Castro Lifts Weights In Minimal Clothing

Dolly Castro added another smoking-hot photo to her Instagram feed earlier this afternoon that flaunted her fit figure for the camera, and her fans have gone crazy for the upload.

The April 20 photo captured Castro during a workout -- and the post is getting noticed for plenty of reasons. She stood in her home in Orange County, California, holding a weight in each one of her hands. A simple gray wall took up most of the background while Castro appeared to be pumping iron in her home gym that was filled with other workout equipment and a blender bottle and protein powder. The Nicaraguan model looked down toward the ground while posing in a skimpy two-piece set that showcased her figure.

For her day at the gym, Castro opted for comfort, sporting a tiny white sports bra that had the 1st Phorm logo written across the chest in big, gold letters. The top possessed thick straps that showcased her toned arms and shoulders, as well as a scooping neckline that offered generous glimpses of cleavage. Its bottom band sat tight on her ribcage, treating followers to a great view of her sculpted abs as well.

On her lower half, Castro sported a pair of tight blue leggings that sat snug on her thick thighs. The short garment hugged the model in all the right places and helped define her strong stems. The shorts' waistband drew further attention to the abs that she has worked so hard to achieve. She let the post serve as a reminder to her fans that when things in life remain uncertain, health is still important.

Castro completed the look with an Apple Watch and a wedding ring on her finger. Her long, dark locks were worn in pigtail braids, falling down her chest and keeping the hair out of her face during her routine. She still sported her usual application of makeup that included eyeliner, mascara, shimmery eyeshadow, and defined brows.

Fans have wasted no time in giving the sexy new upload their stamp of approval with over 20,000 likes and 200-plus comments — most of which focused on Castro's physique.

"Work hard great results amazing body as always," one follower wrote, adding a series of heart and flame emoji.

"Definitely Dolly if we don't take good care of our body, who will?? Since the gym is closed I'm doing my workouts at home and my cardio, today I did 40 mins cardio. Love you queen," a second Instagrammer commented.

"You look amazing babe!" one more person complimented.