Mom Stabbed While Pushing Stroller In Boston, Set Up By Baby’s Father

A mom pushing a stroller was brutally stabbed in a daylight attack in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester on Monday in what police say was a set-up by the baby’s father.

Boston police said the young mom was lured to Savin Hill by the baby’s father, who promised a new pair of sneakers for their child. He then restrained the woman while his 17-year-old girlfriend stabbed the mom repeatedly with a butcher knife.

Police arrested 17-year-old Samia Jones in the attack.

The 21-year-old mom stabbed in the attack was in stable condition at Boston Medical Center.

The attack brought back bitter memories for Boston residents.

“For those of us who remember the murders of Kayla and Xavier Ravenell, this case is especially chilling,” Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said, referencing the murders of a young mother and her baby by the child’s father and his new girlfriend in 2004.

“Thankfully, the victim’s condition has stabilized,” Conley said, “but the facts here are deeply, deeply disturbing.”

Police said the still-unidentified woman was walking with her baby at around 4 pm when she came under attack. The attacker stabbed the mother several times, but the mother was still able to drag herself and the blood-spattered stroller around a corner before collapsing in front of an ice cream shop.

“Whoever did it, definitely cowards, to do something like that to a young mother,” ice cream store owner Joseph Conway told the Boston Herald. “She was stabbed pretty badly. There was blood all over the stroller.”

The attack came as a shock to the tight-knit neighborhood.

“I’m pretty surprised just because this community is a community-like neighborhood. It’s a different part of Dorchester. It’s something that you don’t expect,” said a neighbor.

Boston police said they are still looking for the father of the 8-month-old baby for his role in stabbing the mom.