Sara Underwood Shows Off Cleavage In Plunging, Green One-Piece For Up-Close Instagram Shot

Sara Underwood fired back at one of her Instagram followers by showing off her cleavage in a tight-fitting one-piece on Monday afternoon. In a photo on her feed, the model rocked the plunging green swimsuit as she stood in the woods. In the caption, Sara revealed that the snap was for a woman who told her that she bares her chest too much.

The picture showed Sara standing in a bed of grass and weeds. Behind her, a small pond could be seen, as well as a large moss-covered rock. Water sprayed down on Sara from somewhere above the shot, getting her completely soaked. Natural light also shined down between the tall trees and washed over her toned body.

Sara's swimwear featured thin pieces of seafoam green fabric running vertically across her breasts. The top of the suit did very little to cover her busty chest, as her ample cleavage spilled out. In addition, a fair amount of sideboob was on display.

The neckline plunged all the way down to Sara's waist, so a bit of her flat, toned tummy was on display. The soaking wet one-piece hugged her curves closely. Meanwhile, the lower half of the swimwear featured high cuts that came up above her hips and drew attention to her hourglass figure. Sara's long, lean legs were fully exposed.

Sara did not wear any accessories with her outfit, but she did sport a full face of makeup. Her look included darkly contoured cheekbones, bright highlighter, smoky eyeshadow, and a nude color on her full lips. The model wore her medium-length, blond locks down in wet waves.

Sara posed with her legs slightly parted, one hip cocked to the side and her back arched, which further accentuated her figure. She tugged the top of her swimsuit down to expose even more of her chest as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Sara also included a close-up shot of just her chest.

The post garnered more than 75,000 likes and just over 1,300 comments in under an hour, proving to be a hit with her fans. Many of Sara's followers left praise for her flawless physique in the comments section.

"If you got Em' flaunt Em'!!" one fan said with pink hearts.

"Nothing wrong with them you stunning," another user added.

"Damn... you are an angel," a third fan wrote.

"Absolutely gorgeous," a fourth follower added.

Sara's fans know that she can always rock any look. Earlier this week, the model sported an orange bikini as she stood under a shower.