Flavor Flav’s Fiancee Hospitalized While Shooting Reality Show [Rumor]

Flavor Flav’s fiancee was reportedly hospitalized while shooting a VH1 reality show.

Liz Trujillo and her hubby-to-be are currently filming Couples Therapy for the cable network. Trujillo was rushed to the hospital at some point during production. However, details about the situation are sketchy at the moment.

A source connected to the show exclusively told TMZ that that Flavor Flav’s fiancee was hospitalized after she overdosed on painkillers.

The insider added that Trujillo had attempted to commit suicide by overdosing on the pills. The 39-year-old was reportedly acting strange during filming of the reality show. It’s currently believed she is still hospitalized.

However, a representative for Flavor Flav and his fiancee stated that these allegations were being blown out of proportion by producers in order to get the show some free publicity. The rep added that Liz Trujillo simply became exhausted after staying up all night shooting Couple’s Therapy.

Although the source told TMZ the overdose was on purpose, another insider explained to E! Online that it was purely accidental. The trip to the hospital was simply a precaution. The individual also stated that Trujillo was doing just fine.

Yet another source is said to have confirmed the exhaustion rumors with Yahoo! News. The insider explained that Flavor Flav and his fiancee were simply tired from filming Couples Therapy.

“She was rightfully exhausted. The producers preyed upon the opportunity to make drama and created April foolery of their own,” the source explained. “Liz went to the hospital and was evaluated and released immediately with a clean bill of health. There were no drugs involved, period.”

The individual added that the call to 911 was placed at the same time someone contacted TMZ about the story. VH1 has yet to issue an official statement on the matter. Until the network or the couple address the situation, it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt.

What do you think about the rumors surrounding Flavor Flav and his fiancee?

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