Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Shares New Updates After Husband's Leg Amputation

Actor Nick Cordero is still fighting for his life and facing difficult complications due to the coronavirus. Over the weekend, Nick's wife, Amanda Kloots, shared that he needed to have his leg amputated as a result of these complications. Amanda has taken to social media to update fans on his status post-amputation.

On Sunday, Amanda posted a lengthy string of short video clips via her Instagram stories. Early in the day, she told her followers that the amputation procedure went fairly smoothly and post-surgery he was doing relatively well. She said his heart and blood pressure were okay and that his internal bleeding had calmed.

"For Nick, he's doing the best that he possibly can right now, which is a huge hallelujah," she said.

Additional video clips revealed some sweet details about how he fathers their young son Elvis. She also shared quite a few posts from others singing and dancing in support of the singer and actor. Amanda has been asking people to sing and dance every day at 3 p.m. to root for Nick, using his song "Live Your Life."

In another update Sunday evening, Amanda provided some additional details about Nick's day post-surgery. Unfortunately, he remains unconscious, which has been his situation for nearly three weeks.

"An uneventful day in the ICU is a GOOD DAY!! HALLELUJAH! It seems like Nicks body is responding well to his surgery and recovering well. I asked for a miracle yesterday because my spirits were low and I think we got one today. He is alive and recovering well," Amanda shared.

Despite the challenges the family is navigating with Nick's ongoing illness, Amanda clearly isn't giving up. On Monday morning, she shared an Instagram update showing the progress being made on renovating a little bungalow the couple recently purchased.

In her caption, she asked for insight on ensuring that the renovations cover requirements of the American Disabilities Act. This note signals that she's preparing for her husband to return home. She's also working on being ready for the fact that he'll need the house to be able to accommodate the mobility challenges he'll be facing.

Amanda also spoke with The Today Show on Monday morning about the decision to amputate Nick's leg. She said it really came down to losing his leg or losing his life, so they chose to do what they could to try to save his life.

Although his battle with coronavirus is far from over, Amanda's updates over the past 24 hours suggest that progress is being made, as it seems neither his loved ones nor his doctors are giving up.